Rheumatic diseases are painful conditions characterized by inflammation, swelling, and pain in the joints or muscles.

Because of aging, injuries and traumas, being overweight, heritability, overuse on one side and lack of physical activity on the other, joints and related structures such as bones, ligaments and cartilage may present a series of degenerative disorders which negatively affect daily activities.

Among these conditions the most frequent is osteoarthritis (OA), which is currently one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. In EU, OA causes moderate to severe disability in around 40 million people.
OA causes the protective cartilage to wear away and the exposed bones to rub against each other, resulting in a general deterioration of the joint, pain and stiffness after periods of inactivity or excessive use.
Knees, hips, hands and spine are the most commonly affected joints.

IBSA products for the treatment of joint diseases, are:

  • IBSA’s leading product for OA, that is an oral drug containing highly purified, pharmaceutical-grade chondroitin sulfate, effective in treating the pain and functional impairment caused by OA. Additionally, the drug slows the progression of structural changes in joint tissues/cartilage.
  • A family of medical devices consisting of a physiological solution of highly purified HA in a ready-to-use syringe for intra-articular injections, available in different volumes and concentrations. They are indicated for pain or reduced mobility due to degenerative processes, post-traumatic diseases or joint alterations. HA has the capability to increase the viscosity of the synovial fluid. Injections of HA are effectively used in joints suffering from OA (knee, hip, small joints such as hand) as well as in other pathological conditions of tendons. This family has been further enlarged in the latest years with a new member, a very innovative product containing a solution of Hybrid cooperative complexes of hyaluronic acid obtained with a thermal treatment patented by IBSA.
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