Urology is the branch of specialist medicine and surgery dealing with diseases of the male and female uro-genital systems.

The conditions that influence the quality of life of both male and female patients include those associated with disorders of the pelvic region.

Patients suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTIs), interstitial cystitis (IC/BPS), and radio- or chemotherapy-induced cystitis experience urothelial damage that causes severe pain and inflammation.

IBSA proposes various products containing hyaluronic acid in pre-filled syringes and soft capsules that help prevent damage to the urothelium and consequently promote its healing.

It also focuses on male disorders, such as erectile dysfunction (ED), with a novel orodispersible film (ODF) formulation.

Certain vaginal diseases can benefit from topical treatments with hyaluronic acid for itch and uncomplicated atrophic vaginitis.

IBSA: Uro-gynaecology