IBSA Nordic

IBSA is a privately-held pharmaceutical company headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland.

The company has established its presence worldwide through its local affiliates and strategic partnerships. At present, IBSA's global network consists of more than 80 markets in 5 continents.

IBSA strives to shape drugs into their best form, with the aim to stand out as the creator of pharmaceuticals with proven and superior efficacy. IBSA is strongly committed to enhancing the quality of life of its patients and preventing and cure diseases with innovative products.

IBSA manufactures all its products in-house under GMP conditions, with its production phases, all controlled through vertical integrated processes.

IBSA Nordic ApS

IBSA Nordic ApS (part of the IBSA Group) was established in October 2014 to respond to unmet medical needs. IBSA Nordic has over the years, grown considerably and the Nordic head office, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, focuses on the commercialization of two divisions;

IBSA Nordic Copenhagen

1. Pharma division

  • Human reproduction, Fostimon, Meriofert.
  • Urology, Ialuril.
  • Endocrinology, Tirosint.

2. Dermoaesthetic division

  • Biocomplementation & Biorestruction, Viscoderm.
  • Reshaping & Volume, Aliaxin.
  • Bioremodeling, Profhilo.