Human reproduction

Human reproduction

Human Reproduction is probably the most debated field in medical science, as infertility has been a major scientific and social preoccupation throughout human history and difficulty to conceive has always been a serious problem for couples all over the world. It is estimated that for 15% of couples in Europe and in the USA, 12.5 % in China and around 10% in Middle-East countries having a child is a serious and complex struggle that can create a heavy psychological burden.

The IBSA portfolio in this area offers innovative and qualitative tools for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COS) and luteal phase support (LPS) within Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART) programs.

IBSA has developed several pharmaceutical preparations containing highly purified gonadotrophins of human origin (HP-FSH, HP-hMG, HP-hCG) thanks to an innovative purification process that provides a range of isoforms inspired by nature while delivering the highest level of purity.

Thanks to IBSA technology, a new formulation of progesterone for subcutaneous administration to support the luteal phase in ART programs is now available.