IBSA Nordic ApS

IBSA Nordic ApS

IBSA Nordic ApS (en del af IBSA Group) blev grundlagt i oktober 2014 for at imødekomme et uopfyldt behov inden for visse lægemidler. IBSA Nordic er vokset betragteligt over årene, og det nordiske hovedsæde, der ligger i København, har fokus på kommercialiseringen af to divisioner:


IBSA Nordic Copenhagen

1. Farma-divisionen

  • Fertilitet, Fostimon, Meriofert.
  • Urologi, laluril.
  • Endokrinologi, Tirosint.

2. Dermoæstetik-divisionen

  • Biocomplementation & Biorestruction, Viscoderm.
  • Reshaping & Volume, Aliaxin.
  • Bioremodeling, Profhilo.


IBSA Nordic certified as a Great Place to Work


We are humbled and proud to be certified as a Great Place to Work 2022.

At IBSA, we place the Person at the heart of everything we do. This commitment applies to our employees as well as patients. 

We are incredibly proud that our company is certified and as you all know, our culture has been leading from the very first start. Like all the other initiatives, achievements and recognitions, this certification would not have been possible without the trust that our people have in the company culture and to me, this recognition is a direct result of the responses we had shared about different aspects related to our company culture. We will continuously strive to offer a workplace that is great to be a part of, while achieving our objectives, which is helping our customers and keep raising the bar for ourselves as well as for other organizations aspiring to become great workplaces.